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TastyTags Cannabis Sublinguals THC


Graphic Sublingual Technology

At Tasty Tags, we prioritize research on sublingual delivery and go beyond just offering a strip. We focus on providing a visually-enhanced experience that offers more than a standard sublingual strip.

Tasty Tags Comparison

With Tasty Tags, customers can easily identify the brand, flavor, and dosage of their product, ensuring added visual safety to the sublingual market. We take visual information to a new level by offering compliance indicators, flavorings, and dosage information, while also presenting a branding opportunity for the sublingual delivery market.

Tasty Tags Cannabis Infused Sublingual Front and Back

Infused Sublinguals

Tasty Tags is a unique sublingual delivery system that enables the introduction of colorful graphics, text, and shapes.

Tasty Tags incorporates multiple layers in order to achieve a desired graphic image along with layers of flavor.


Tasty Tags infuses extracts into layers to create an all-in-one sublingual delivery system that allows for multiple strains within a single dose for a more precise experience.

Tasty Tags Ink Technology

Tasty Tags Quart of Edible Ink

Tasty Tags™ ink begins as a translucent or white base enabling the blending of vibrant colors.

Tasty Tags has created Tasty Tags™ edible inks that are specifically designed for use in the printing industry.

These inks offer professional printers precise control over ink viscosity, which is particularly important when adding extracts, supplements, and medicines to ink bases.

Tasty Tags inks start with no flavor, making them an ideal base for showcasing the taste associated with a particular logo or brand.

Tasty Tags Quart Army Green

Tasty Tags ink offers an array of vibrant colors in CMYK or primary colors; red, green, blue, yellow, black, and white colors, and custom inks for specific Pantone colors. 

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