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Visual Sublingual Technology

Tasty Tags research is focused on sublingual delivery, although visually we offer a lot more than a strip.

In the past several years the sublingual industry has made significant advancements in the rapid delivery of active ingredients.

A consequence of these advancements became the inability to identify what active ingredient the sublingual strip contained once it was removed from the packaging.

It became imperative for Tasty Tags to develop and deploy what we call "visual sublingual technology" to the sublingual market.


Tasty Tags™ provides the consumer the ability to identify the individual strip brand, flavor, and dosage adding visual safety to the sublingual market beyond packaging.

Tasty Tags™ provides a new level of visual information including dosage, compliance indicators, and flavorings as well as corresponding imagery to the sublingual delivery market.


Tasty Tags

Printed Sublinguals

Tasty Tags™ is a unique sublingual delivery system that enables the introduction of colorful graphics, text, and shapes.

Tasty Tags™ delivers many enhancements to the sublingual industry by offering a technology that utilizes print manufacturing. 

Printing Tasty Tags™can incorporate multiple printed layers in order to achieve a desired graphic image.


Tasty Tags™ introduces extracts, supplements, and medicinals into these layers to create an all-in-one sublingual delivery system.

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Tasty Tags Ink Technology

Tasty Tags™ ink begins as a translucent or white base enabling the blending of vibrant colors.

Tasty Tags has developed Tasty Tags™ edible inks specifically formulated for the process of print manufacturing.


Professional printers will appreciate the control over the viscosity of the Tasty Tags™ ink. This becomes important when introducing extracts, supplements, and medicinals into ink bases. 


Tasty Tag™ inks begin without flavor providing the perfect base for an expression of taste associated with your logo or brand. 

Tasty Tags Quart Army Green.png

Tasty Tags™ ink offers an array of vibrant colors in three different kits; the CMYK kit for four-color process printing, the primary ink kit for red, green, blue, yellow, black, and white colors, and custom ink kits for mixing of custom batches of specified Pantone colors. 

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