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TastyTags Cannabis Sublinguals THC


Patents Pending

Tasty Tags Patented Graphic Sublingual Technology

Bryan Haynes, founder and CEO of Tasty Tags, Inc. discovering a need for tasty and great-looking sublingual film products invented Tasty Tags™, an innovative edible graphic drug delivery system allowing infusions of active ingredients for the cannabis and pharmaceutical industry.

With over 30 years of experience in patenting print technologies in printed electroluminescent lighting, printed OLED lighting, printed batteries, printed solar, and printed electronic circuitry, Bryan has filed utility patents for his new oral dissolvable graphic sublingual delivery system covering his unique edible ink formulas, construction methods, and manufacturing methods. 

By creating barriers to entry for these industries, Bryan has created a strategic patent filing system ensuring Tasty Tags, Inc. can offer his licensees technology to manufacture oral dissolvable films enabling accurate dosages, safety warnings, and information for branding opportunities with colorful graphics, text, and tasty flavors. 

Tangerine Tasty Tags

Tasty Tag's patented technologies offer branding, safety, and accurate dosage.

A New Approach For Cannabis

Tasty Tags are a novel approach to the sublingual delivery of cannabis, where a small, flavored tag is placed under the tongue to enhance the consumers' experience and improve the onset time of the infused cannabis.


These tags can be made in a variety of flavors and can be used for a wide range of cannabis-derived infusions, making them an attractive alternative to traditional edibles.

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