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Tasty Tags Wins Its First Competition at The Farmers Cup

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Tasty Tags Wins at Farmers Cup in San Diego

Farmers Cup 2024 Award 2nd Place

SAN DIEGO, CALIFORNIA - May 18th, 2024 - Tasty Tags, Inc. ( NRVNA Farms, a Tasty Tags California licensee, recently participated in the Farmers Cup competition with their fruit punch flavored Tasty Tag in the solid edibles category. Their impressive performance earned them a well-deserved 2nd place against some tough competition. Congratulations to NRVNA Farms on their achievement!

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Tasty Tags, Inc. Announces the First Graphic Sublingual Delivery System

Tasty Tags Oral Dissolvable Graphics Cannabis Infused

ALAMEDA, CALIFORNIA – October 18th, 2021 –  Tasty Tags, Inc.™ ( has developed a graphic sublingual delivery system that delivers an accurate predetermined dosage of CBD or THC. While sublingual strips have traditionally been associated with “breath cleansing” strips, Tasty Tags™ has created a whole new form.

Tasty Tags are graphical sublinguals that you peel off a release liner and place under your tongue. The fast-acting sublingual method delivers the active ingredients by dissolving directly into the bloodstream, unlike traditional cannabis edibles that need to be processed through the digestive tract.

Tasty Tags offers what they like to call “informative flavors”– each individual sublingual strip contains the dosage and ingredient information of each Tag, along with colorful graphics, branding designs, and premium flavor combinations.

Inventor, Bryan Haynes, has a background in developing new print methodologies and technologies, and has now pivoted his focus towards the cannabis industry. He has developed a unique method of THC or CBD delivery that also conveys both brand and flavor profile and offers a whole new experience.

“The cannabis industry has put so much into establishing their brands based on quality, taste, and imagery. I wanted to combine these features into one Tasty Tag and create a new media for expression within the industry,” stated Bryan Haynes, founder and CEO of Tasty Tags, Inc. “I am looking forward to seeing everyone’s brand as a Tasty Tag.” Haynes added.

Tasty Tags, Inc. is currently developing relationships with manufacturers for an initial product launch within the state of California and will be licensing the production method for medicinal and recreational manufacturers in states where it’s legal. To celebrate their launch Tasty Tags is giving a 10% discount to all private label orders placed before October 31, 2021.


Tasty Tags, Inc. was formed in 2020 by Bryan Haynes to develop and license proprietary printing ink formulations, constructions, and manufacturing methods to produce Tasty Tags for THC and CBD extracts, supplements, and medicinal remedies.

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