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Unbelievably Tasty Design
Tasty Tags Sour Apple Cannabis Sublingual Tags
A new look for sublinguals

Tasty Tags has introduced a groundbreaking concept that adds flavor to the visual design of your image, resulting in a unique and expressive experience. This new media approach integrates taste as an integral part of the overall design.

By incorporating taste into your brand and linking it to your imagery, you can engage multiple senses and enhance brand recognition on an entirely new level.

Gummy tags

All of your favorite flavor,

now available in peel off bears.

Even Gummy Bears have been redefined using Tasty Tag Technology.

Tasty Tags Gummy Bear Cannabis Sublingual Tags
Tasty Tags Lemon Lime Cannabis Infused Sublingual Tags
QR Tags

More Information

QR Codes in your design direct the consumer to your website for product information, and ingredients including the type of cannabis infusion, company info, and promotions.  

Accuracy In Design

Reliable color blends.

Tasty Tags™ ink formula is capable of achieving precise Pantone colors, and the company can also create custom colors to ensure that your logo or image design meets your exact specifications.

Tasty Tags Cannabis Infused Logo Medallions
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