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Design Your Own Tasty Tags
That's what they were built for.

Tasty Tags has created a new media by adding flavor to the graphic design of your image in order to convey a new level of expression. Taste becomes relevant to the overall design.

In some designs, the taste is at the forefront in that the flavor of the brand is the expression of art.

In other designs, the effect of the active ingredient is the art form where the imagery and flavor support the overall experience of the active ingredient.

Gummy tags

All of your favorite flavor,

now available in peel off bears.

Even Gummy Bears have been redefined using Tasty Tag Technology.

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Printing Tasty Tags

Printed Manufacturing

Tasty Tags specifies all the information licensees need to print Tasty Tags

Some of the Tasty Tagsprinting methods create encapsulated layers to accommodate the sequential release of flavors or active ingredients where the flavor changes over time.

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QR Tags

More Information

There's always a way to put more information on Tasty Tags™.

Even with all the text and imagery, there's only so much room for printing.

QR Codes in your design direct the consumer to your website for product information, ingredients including the type of cannabis infusion, company info, and promotions.  

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Accuracy In Design

Reliable color blends.

Tasty Tags™ ink formula can achieve accurate Pantone colors. Tasty Tags produces your custom colors to assure your logo or image design meets your expectations.

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