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TastyTags Cannabis Sublinguals THC

Cannabis Infused Edible Graphics

Taste Your Vision

Introducing Tasty Tags™ - the one-of-a-kind sublingual tags that dissolve in your mouth and bring a burst of color, graphics, text, and flavors to the cannabis industry.

Grape Tasty Tags

Tasty Tag's patented technologies offer branding, safety, and accurate dosage.

A New Approach For Cannabis

Tasty Tags are a novel approach to the sublingual delivery of cannabis, where a small, flavored tag is placed under the tongue to enhance the consumers' experience and improve the onset time of the infused cannabis.


Tasty Tags are made in a variety of shapes and flavors to be used for a wide range of cannabis-derived infusions, making them an attractive alternative to traditional edibles.

Tasty Tags Advantages


Tasty Tags are a discreet way to consume cannabis without drawing attention. No smoke, no odor.

Easy to Use

Place a Tasty Tag under your tongue and let it dissolve. No water is needed.

Rapid Onset

Tasty Tags work faster than standard edibles, taking only 8 minutes to feel the effects instead of 45.

Accurate Dosages

Tasty Tags deliver accurate THC/CBD dosage, ideal for medicinal patients who rely on cannabis.

No Digestion

Tasty Tags are designed to enter the bloodstream quickly, bypassing the digestive tract. This allows for faster absorption.

Shelf Life

Tasty Tags maintain their potency over time and have a longer shelf life than edible products.

100% Vegan / Gluten Free / Fat Free / Kosher

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