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Embrace the Taste!


Tasty Tags™'s unique oral graphic dissolvable film technology enables the introduction of colorful graphics and text.

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Tasty Tag patented technologies offer branding, safety, accurate dosage and flavor.

Tasty Branding

Flavor is Knowledge

When you can taste your brand and associate your imagery with flavor,

you are connecting multiple senses enabling brand recognition on a whole new level.

Tasty Tags™ provides a new level of visual information including dosage, compliance indicators, and flavorings as well as corresponding imagery to the sublingual delivery market.

Safety information printed on every Tasty Tag™.

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Informative Flavor

When you peel off a Tasty Tag™ all the information can be on the back.

Tasty Tags™ active ingredients dissolve in your mouth. That's known as sublingual delivery. Tasty Tags™ are able to deliver active ingredients much faster than standard edibles.


The possibilities are unlimited!

Tasty Tags™ allows you to stand out in the sublingual market. Your designs, logo, and flavor become your signature in the sublingual delivery arena. 

Gummy tags

Even classic gummy bears have been reimagined to create

Gummy Bear Watermelon Sample 3.jpg
ODG Pack-Sour Apple.png


Why Tasty Tags?

Tasty Tags is a research and development company committed to creating visual sublingual delivery technologies.


Tasty Tags believes the sublingual delivery market will benefit from the new level of visual safety on each sublingual dose.

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