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About Tasty Tags

It's what's on the inside that counts.

Tasty Tags has developed an array of edible inks specially formulated for the process of print manufacturing. Licensees have the ability to economically start and scale manufacturing to their needs.​

Tasty Tags™ inks enable licensed infusion manufacturers to receive infusion-ready inks in every state across the country. Once licensees receive the inks, the next step will be to infuse their special blend of extracts and start printing Tasty Tags™.

Our Mission

To provide informative flavor and dosage.

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Bryan Haynes, the visionary Founder of Tasty Tags, is a pioneer in the field of printing technologies. With over 30 years of research and development, Bryan has achieved breakthroughs in printed light, printed electronic circuitry, and printed batteries. Recognizing the need for graphic visual safety in the sublingual market, Bryan created Tasty Tags™ to revolutionize information delivery.

In 2020, Tasty Tags was established to develop and license proprietary printing ink formulations, constructions, and manufacturing methods. These cutting-edge technologies enable the production of Tasty Tags™ for CBD and THC extracts, providing a vibrant new level of information to the sublingual delivery market. With Bryan's numerous patents in the field of printing, Tasty Tags is leading the way in graphic visual safety for sublingual products.

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