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About Tasty Tags

We put your brand on the tip of their tongue!

Tasty Tags, Inc. is a research and development company developing and licensing Tasty Tags™, a thin film oral graphic sublingual medicine delivery technology to state-licensed cannabis manufacturers and private label brands.

Tasty Tags, Inc. is a California C-class corporation founded in 2020 by inventor Bryan Haynes to introduce his unique sublingual film technology to the cannabis industry.

Tasty Tags film technology dissolves in your mouth like a breath strip, better known as a sublingual delivery strip. Tasty Tags patented edible inks, manufacturing constructions, and processes allow for the first time colorful graphics and text on each sublingual providing cannabis brands a branding opportunity while increasing accurate dosages and safety.

 "I am looking forward to seeing everyone’s brand as a Tasty Tag.” 

Bryan Haynes, Founder and President/CEO

Our Mission

Our mission is to take cannabis branding to a whole new level.

Bryan Haynes Founder President CEO of Tasty Tags Inc.

Bryan Haynes, Founder/President/CEO, is a trailblazer at the intersection of art and science, with over 30 years of groundbreaking research in printed technologies. Bryan's journey began with a passion for art and animation, honed during his tenure at Industrial Light and Magic. In 1994, he founded Add-Vision, Inc., where his visionary leadership and artistic curiosity led to innovations in electroluminescent lighting.

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Add-Vison, Inc. logo

Under Bryan’s guidance, Add-Vision rapidly grew, assembling a remarkable team of scientists and artists. Their collaborative efforts revolutionized the industry, forming partnerships with global giants like GE, 3M, and Mattel. Over the years, Bryan's inventive spirit led to the development of numerous patents, cementing his legacy in electroluminescent technology.

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In 2001, Bryan's focus on thin film electroluminescent technology propelled Add-Vision's advancements in printed OLED technology, culminating in an acquisition by Sumitomo Chemicals in 2011. Bryan continued his pioneering work with Haynes Enterprise, Inc., where he achieved remarkable milestones, including fully printed batteries and solar cells. 

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Today, as the driving force behind Tasty Tags, Inc., Bryan's fusion of artistry and technical expertise propels the company forward. His rich background, from movie special effects to innovative technology, ensures Tasty Tags remains a leader in cutting-edge solutions, promising a future where art meets innovation in every dissolvable graphic. Recognizing the need for graphic visual safety in the sublingual market, Bryan created Tasty Tags™ to revolutionize information delivery for the cannabis industry.

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In 2020, Tasty Tags, Inc. was established to develop and license proprietary printing ink formulations, constructions, and manufacturing methods. These cutting-edge technologies enable the production of Tasty Tags™ for CBD and THC extracts, providing a vibrant new level of information to the sublingual delivery market. With Bryan's numerous patents in the field of printing, Tasty Tags is leading the way in graphic visual safety for sublingual products for cannabis markets.

OralGraFX, Inc. logo

In 2022 Bryan formed OralGraFX, Inc. to market his new graphic sublingual medicine delivery system for dietary supplements, natural health products, over-the-counter medicines, prescription medicines, smoking cessation, and dental anesthetics.

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