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Tangerine Tasty Tags 

Tangerine Tasty Tags 10 MG Sublinguals

Category: Sublingual - Edible

Brand:  Tasty Tags

Product Name: Tangerine Tasty Tags 10 MG Sublinguals

Tangerine Tasty Tags
Tangerine Tasty Tags bags and tags
Tangerine Tasty Tags

Product Description:

Introducing Tasty Tags: Where Flavor Meets Artistry!

Savor the delicious flavors and vibrant visuals of Tasty Tags! Tasty Tags' innovative patented sublingual film dissolves rapidly under your tongue, delivering 10 mg of cannabis directly into your bloodstream for a swift onset in just 8 minutes.

Tasty Tags are more than just a cannabis-infused film – they're a sensory delight! With colorful graphics and shapes, each Tasty Tag offers a unique, discreet, and flavorful cannabis experience.

Dissolve time: 30 seconds

Onset time under the tongue: 8 minutes

Onset time if swallowed: 45 minutes

Dose:10 mg

Quantity: 10 x 10 mg Tags per package (100 mg)

100% Vegan / Gluten Free / Fat Free / Kosher

Order Tangerine Tasty Tags for your dispensary by contacting Tasty Tags. 

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